Taking care of your facility inside and out

We’ll help your establishment look its best before clients and staff enter the building! Welcome them with a flower-lined entrance, an impeccably neat lawn, and seating for staff breaks. When harsh weather hits, we ensure safety by removing obstacles and deicing walkways. We provide year-round facility maintenance and can regularly clean your parking lot, whether it’s above or below ground.
  • Landscaping You can customize your package to include neat lawns and perfectly maintained trees and flowers to give your stakeholders the best first impression of your facility.
  • Snow Removal Safety is paramount for QCMaintenance, and we don’t stop with cleaning and disinfection – ensure your occupants make it to your facility safety with clean, dry parking lots and sidewalks leading up to your building.
  • Eliminación/pintura de grafitis  Las primeras impresiones importan y podemos ayudarle a eliminar grafitis y grietas en la pintura que pueden dañar su reputación, eliminando monstruosidades y restaurando su edificio a su excelencia anterior.
  • Riego  Nunca vuelva a experimentar un césped o un seto secos. Con la ayuda de nuestro equipo, verá sus espacios al aire libre llenos de vida, invitando a sus ocupantes a una experiencia de instalación impecable.