Improved indoor air quality, improved health – Cleaning and sanitization services for the air you breathe

As we adapt to the new reality the pandemic has created, there are increasing requirements for everyone to have a healthier and safer building environment. That’s why our team at Ainsworth Inc. created the smartIAQ program in collaboration with Clean for Health to help mitigate this risk, leveraging emerging technologies to measure, monitor, and control a building’s HVAC equipment.

  • Enhanced Filtration Our Ainsworth experts fully assess your HVAC filtration system and upgrade it to the COVID-19 recommended MERV-13 filter where possible and applicable. They also provide ongoing maintenance of your HVAC system and timely filter replacement to ensure the filter will properly trap everything it should.
  • Dilution Ventilation Studies show the more outdoor air you can bring indoors, the better – it can even help mitigate the spread of viruses. Our team uses a cloud-based Building Automation System (BAS) to program your HVAC system to circulate a larger percentage of outdoor air into your indoor environment. With different operational modes that can be easily toggled in real-time, you can optimize the balance between ventilation and energy consumption.
  • Air Purification & Conditioning Using ultraviolet lights (UVGI) within the HVAC system, Ainsworth can sanitize the coil surface and purify indoor air.
  • Occupancy Management Ainsworth can provide you with technology that can detect if people in your building are wearing masks, have elevated surface body temperature, and can even count the number of people in a specific area so you know if you are following physical distance and space requirements.